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Comprehensive Family Dental is proud to provide service to patients in the Victoria area. With a top-notch dental team, advanced equipment and experience, we are committed to excellence.

Below are all photos taken of actual cases of various dental procedures done in our Victoria dentist office.

This 11 year old broke her front right tooth playing volleyball
Dental Procedures & Dentists in Victoria TX

Traumatic fractures may result from accidents or other immediate injuries.


Dental Repair & Composite Bonding in Victoria TX

Composite bonding repairs the tooth in just one visit.


Tooth Fracture Repair & Dentistry in Victoria TX

Tooth Fracture


Before & After Tooth Fractures in Victoria TX

Traumatic Fracture


Dentist in Victoria TX

Tooth Fracture


Dental Repair & Dentists in Victoria TX

Porcelain crowns are durable and match teeth perfectly.


Teeth Bleaching & Dentists in Victoria TX

Kor Deep Bleaching


Teeth Whitening & Cosmetic Dentistry in Victoria TX

Safe and effective Kor Deep Bleach Whitening removes staining for a Hollywood smile!

After 2nd appointment

Restorative Dentistry in Victoria TX

Leaking composite fillings


Restorative & Pediatric Dentistry in Victoria TX

Porcelain veneers cover tooth surfaces for a strong and shiny smile.


Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Victoria TX

Fractured Teeth


Composite Tooth Repair & Dentistry in Victoria TX

Composite bonding replaces old fillings in just one visit.


Restorative Tooth Repair & Dentistry in Victoria TX

Old Stained Composite Fillings


General Dentistry in Victoria TX

Composite Bondings in 1 Visit


Cosmetic Dentists in Victoria TX

Peg Laterals


Restorative Dentists in Victoria TX

Composite Veneers in 1 Visit



Victoria Tx Dentures

Smile Makeover With a Complete Denture


Cosmetic Dentist Victoria Tx

Composite Veneer in 1 Visit


Invisalign Victoria Tx

Invisalign Clear Orthodontics


Dental Implant Victoria Tx

Dental Implant Before and After


Invisalign Victoria Tx

Peg Lateral Composite Veneer After Invisalign


Cosmetic Veneers Victoria Tx

Composite Veneer


Cosmetic Dentist Victoria tx

One Visit Composite No Shots


Invisalign Dentist Victoria, Tx

Invisaign was used to close the open bite and straighten the teeth.

At Comprehensive Family Dental, the focus is on preventative dentistry to maintain as much of the patient’s natural tooth as possible. Regular dental visits, a daily regimen of thorough at-home care, and regular screenings will keep a patient’s mouth healthy and greatly reduce the amount of dental treatment that may be needed later in life. As a team, this practice firmly believes that minimally invasive procedures are better for a patient’s teeth overall, and this agrees with the compassion and integrity that are the platforms of our practice.

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