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Tooth Colored Dental Fillings & Bonding

Traumatic Tooth Fracture Filling & Bonding in Victoria TX

Traumatic Fracture 1 (Before) This 11 year old broke her front right tooth playing volleyball

Composite Tooth Bonding Services in Victoria TX

Immediate Composite Bonding in 1 appointment

Broken Tooth Colored Filling Services in Victoria TX

Broken tooth needing tooth colored filling

Tooth Colored Fillings & Dentists in Victoria TX

Tooth colored filling

Fractured Teeth- Before

Fractured Teeth


Composite Bonding After

Composite Bondings in 1 Visit


(The above photos are all taken here in my office)

Bonded composite fillings or tooth colored fillings can be beautiful as you can see in the above pictures. We also use this material in the back teeth such as when old silver fillings are removed because of leakage. This white filling material can conform to any shape and forms a very strong bond to the tooth.

We do not Use Silver Amalgam Fillings

We are a mercury free dental practice and do not use any amalgam for our fillings. We believe that by using bonded tooth colored fillings, we are providing the best restoration for the tooth. Dental amalgam is typically 50% mercury by weight and I prefer not to expose anyone to that. When removing amalgam, we prefer to use an evacuation system called an isolite which suctions on all sides of the tooth to capture any amalgam and or its aerosolized vapor.

Below I have some photos of what we often find after removing old amalgams. Xrays typically dont show us that type of decay as the metal blocks them .

Mercury Free Dental Practice in Victoria TX

Notice that the old silver filling we removed first in the preceding picture is the tooth on the right side, which was actually a much smaller benign looking silver fill than the left one.

Silver Amalgam Filling
Silver Amalgam Filling Removal in Victoria TX

Judging from the before picture, it would have been easy to leave that fairly small silver filling. The darkness around it could have been thought to be just stain. Here we can see that there is fairly deep decay in the upper left portion of the preparation.

Amalgam on Right Tooth Above Removed Revealing Hidden Decay