Root Canals

Root Canal Dentistry in Victoria TXThere has been a stereotype for a long time about how uncomfortable a root canal is. I have performed more root canals than I could count and I can confidently say that in my experience with my patients it is rare for there to be much discomfort after the procedure. In fact, the associated discomfort that I do see in patients usually comes from putting the procedure off until they can no longer tolerate the discomfort.

Now that we have established that there is little to fear from root canals other than not getting one when you need it, let’s talk about how the procedure works. We gain access to the canals by going through the top of the tooth. Once we are there, I use my electronic apex locator to accurately tell me the exact length of each canal of any given tooth. I then use my electronic handpiece, which senses the amount of force applied, to gently clean each canal. Once cleaned and disinfected, each canal is sealed and a filling placed. If the root canal is on a molar, it is important to have a crown placed to prevent future problems with the root canal tooth.

Root Canal Video