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ALF Appliance

alf appliance

What is the ALF appliance and what does it do?

The ALF appliance or ( Alternative Lightwire Functional appliance) is an orthopedic development orthodontic appliance that we can use to develop the upper and lower arches and to move teeth.

ALF orthodontics uses a holistic approach, where the focus is improving the patients health with the added benefit of straight teeth. The A.L.F. appliance stimulates jaw and bone development that were in the patients genetic potential all along but did not get expressed usually due external influences of our modern lifestyle such as diet and allergies.



Alf Appliance Advantages:

  • Invisible/Cosmetic
  • Does not impede tongue function
  • Gentle, light forces means no pain
  • Removable
  • Orthopedic Development-stimulates the jaw bones to grow in width as they should have in the first place
  • Can improve airway issues by increasing nasal volume and tongue space
  • Holistic Dentistry Approach
  • Improves sleep if there are nocturnal breathing issues present
  • Potentially can improve other health issues that are secondary to disordered breathing and sleep
  • TMJ disorder improvement
  • Relieves cranial strains

What Age Patient may Benefit from the ALF Appliance?

  • Children as young as 5 years old can benefit from the ALF, but more often may start between 6-8 years old
    • It is important to understand that by age 4, 60% of facial growth has already taken place and by age 6, 80% is complete. Using the ALF during these periods of cranial development greatly helps  them achieve optimal development. Waiting until they have all their permanent teeth is a very bad idea.
  • Adults can benefit from ALF treatment as well, although the treatment time may be longer than a child. The ALF can help adult patients with:
    • Insufficient Tongue Space
    • TMJ
    • Narrow Arches

How Long Does ALF Treatment Take?

  • Treatment time is typically comparable to traditional orthodontic treatment times. Some cases may be longer due to the very light physiologic forces that are being used.

Do you need Craniosacral Therapy for treatment?

  • Those of you who have researched the ALF will know that the ALF was developed in conjunction with a holistic dentist and osteopaths who practiced craniosacral therapy, which is the manipulation of the cranial sutures in the head. Craniosacral therapy is a wonderful adjunct to use with the ALF, but in the Victoria, Tx area we currently do not have someone offering this therapy. I do have an ALF osteopath I can refer to out of town when needed. ALF treatment will still be effective without this adjunctive therapy.

Will ALF Straighten Teeth?

  • The ALF appliance primarily develops and expands the arches. By doing so, the teeth have a tendency to become straighter since now there is actually room in the arches for them to fit. If additional teeth straightening is required, we can use some clear trays, like invisalign, to tweak tooth alignment toward cosmetic goals. In severe crowding cases in children, we can finish with braces when needed.

How do you know if ALF is right for you treatment needs?

  • Call our Victoria, Tx dentist office at 316-573-7722 for an orthodontic evaluation and we can explain what the best treatment option is for your particular needs.