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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns

We have Cerec technology that allows us to fabricate high strength porcelain crowns and bridges in our office in one visit to that our patients do not have to come back for a second visit. Read more about how Cerec reduces the number of appointments and increases convenience for our patints.

Dental Crown & Bridges in Victoria TX
Sometimes a filling is not strong enough to restore a tooth or to prevent further damage to a tooth. When this is the case, a crown is recommended. There are many different types of crowns such as gold, porcelain fused to gold or all porcelain. We can explain which kind would be the best option for your particular needs.

The crown procedure involves reducing the thickness of the outer layer of the tooth then making an impression which is sent to a laboratory for crown fabrication. The permanent crown usually takes about 2 weeks to fabricate in the lab. During that time, a temporary crown will be covering the tooth and the patient can eat with it. When the permanent crown returns from the laboratory, it is then permanently cemented covering the tooth.


Dental Bridge

A bridge is basically just more than one crown at either end of a missing tooth space. See the video below for more detail.

Cracked Tooth

A tooth can crack with or without symptoms. Often the symptom is sensitivity to biting pressure and sometimes it is hard for the patient to reproduce the pain. When a crack is deep enough in the tooth, it is very important that the tooth have a crown placed. That is the only predictable way to ensure that the crack cannot go deeper in the tooth.  A bonded filling can still potentially crack just like the tooth in many cases, see the photo below where the filling and the tooth cracked together.

Cracked Tooth Repair & Dental Crowns in Victoria TX  Dental Bridges & Crowns in Victoria TX








Notice how the crack in the natural tooth on the right correlates exactly with the crack visible in the filling material. This tooth had to be crowned as it would only get worse. The above photos are some that I took of my patient here in my Victoria, Tx dental office.