Cosmetic Dentistry

Custom Smile Designs

Dental patients who need a cosmetic dentist in Victoria, TX usually have a specific cosmetic dental goal that they want to achieve. Sometimes they are unhappy with their smile but have trouble putting their finger on exactly what they need in order to improve their smile.  My job as a cosmetic dentist is often to just listen and then provide different cosmetic dentistry options. Each patient’s need is different and we typically try to achieve the best cosmetic dentistry outcome with the most conservative dental procedures that we can.  Cosmetic smile designs are custom tailored for each patient.


Many patients will come in believing that they need dental veneers in order to have a bright, white beautiful smile. Some patients do need veneers and if so we use very detailed techniques and work with an excellent dental lab in order to have the most natural and cosmetic outcome. In other cases, we can achieve the patients desired cosmetic dental outcome with less involved procedures than veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching will make a dramatic cosmetic improvement in almost any smile. When we combine tooth whitening with orthodontics like Invisalign, in many cases we can achieve the best cosmetic dental outcome. Other cases it may be as simple as teeth bleaching combined with some cosmetic bonded fillings after.

Our smile says a lot about us. It is usually one of the first things that people notice when making a first impression. This is something that we all intuitively know from a young age and explains why it is so important.  There are many ways to improve anyone’s smile, and often do it in a way that makes the teeth function better. Our cosmetic goal is a smile that feels comfortable and looks healthy, and attractive.  The most natural looking smile is usually the most beautiful.

If you would like to have a cosmetic smile evaluation by a Victoria Texas cosmetic dentist, please call and ask about a cosmetic consultation at 361-573-7722.

Some samples of actual cosmetic dentistry cases that we have done here in our office.

Composite Filling

Composite Filling 1 Visit

Composite Veneer 1 Visit

Composite Veneers 1 Visit

Kor Deep Bleach

1 Visit Bonded Veneer