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Air Abrasion/Drill-Less Dentistry

The team at Comprehensive Family Dental is always looking for the best ways to reduce patients’ anxieties while providing efficient and thorough treatment. Sometimes the mere sound of a dental drill is enough to keep a patient away. Fortunately, there is a new safe and effective alternative to repairing dental decay.

Air Abrasion Drill Free Cavity Dental Fillings in Victoria TX




Air Abrasion is probably one of the most conservative and comfortable ways available to remove decay.

Air abrasion dentistry removes tooth decay without drilling and usually without requiring anesthesia. Air abrasion is a very conservative and comfortable way to remove tooth decay. It’s a precise process: a soft dry powder is blown onto the tooth surface from a narrow stream of air. The abrasive powder removes the decay, leaving a hard and healthy tooth. Patients hear a gentle “whoosh” as the air and powder combination works its magic.

Air abrasion is minimally invasive, too. This innovative and painless method of treating tooth decay is offered in the Comprehensive Family Dental’s Victoria office. Check out this video that explains the process in more detail.

Staying current with emerging technology is an important goal for the dental staff at Comprehensive Family Dental. This team is committed to providing the very best in patient care and using the most thorough and optimal methods of treatment.

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Below is an example of using air abrasion to remove deep decay without anesthetic.

Tooth Decay Removal in Victoria TX

We were able to confirm that there was decay under this sealant with our Diagnodent Laser


Tooth Decay Air Abrasion Removal - Victoria TX

We just removed the sealant with air abrasion to reveal the deep decay underneath.

Dentists & Tooth Decay Removal in Victoria TX

Here we have removed almost all decay with the air abrasion without anesthetic.